Kylie's Dream Date

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Description: Kylie tosses and turns on the bed in a restless dreamlike state. Wanting desperately do be fucked. She imagines being taken in the garage on her way from her car, then enslaved in bondage so that her horny captor can use her body to it's fullest extent. Post whipped and dildo'd. Bound to the bench doggie and forced to suck cock after a hair comb and vibe ride. She falls resting over her paperwork in class, and must see the headmaster after class to be punished for her unruly behavior and flaunting dress. Punishment that includes an over the table cum from behind. Then she is slapped and oiled in full nudity on the table. Arms bound up and out of the way as her body is man handled in oil. It's a kick butt show with a kick butt blondie that needs a kick in the butt before a dick in the butt. and
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